The Outdoor Classroom is a safe and healthy alternative for all families. We live in an information-rich and connected poor society. Children are consuming information without generating curiosity for learning and connections to themselves, community and nature. Outdoor knowledge was once an important part of our everyday living but has now been misplaced through the generations from lack of education and nature connection. There is a need in our community to add nature connection opportunities to the children’s lives of today. It takes a village to raise a child.

Outdoor School Acorns

4-7 years old 1:6 leader to child

Children in Acorns level Outdoor School are given the opportunity to interact with nature through creative free-play, campfires, sit spots, nature stories and songs, den building, nature-inspired crafts, gardening, and the introduction of identifying flora and fauna. Our focus will foster inquisitive minds in hopes to continue their learning beyond the outdoor classroom. Studies show that if children of this age are outside for long periods during all-weather, they will have a high level of agility, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, common sense, compassion and reverence.


Outdoor School Eagles

7-12 years old 1:8 leader to child

Children in the Eagles level of Outdoor School will come to know themselves, others and nature through nature connection. We aim to foster curiosity of the natural world that surrounds them by generating inquisitive minds through the art of questioning. Eagles will spend their days connecting through nature songs and stories, sit spots, interactive nature inspired games, gardening, survival techniques and a higher level of identification of flora and fauna. These days spent outdoors will generate curiosity to help them better engage in school. We hope they internalize their experiences on the land which will add to the attributes of their personalities.


Indigenous Hiking Classrooms

Come GROWE closer to nature by experiencing an interactive-style nature walk while learning Native history. Spending time outdoors can be a very restorative experience, beneficial for living in today’s uncertain world. This uplifting healing journey through the forest will have you feeling revived. Participants will be introduced to plants and trees used by the First Nations and discuss the edible-medicinal purposes while hiking the Carolinian Forest surrounding the heritage Grand River. Your guide will lead you on an adventure through the forest that will have all your senses tingling from the sights and sounds of the fascinating sacred property of Five Oaks.

Email us to book

Fall term: September – December
Winter term: January – March
Spring term: March – June

Cost: $75 per day
A commitment of one day per week for full-term needed.
Term lengths will vary due to season.
Time: 9am(8:30am) – 3:30pm(4pm)
Full refund if GROWE cancels due to Government regulations.